How To Win At Life
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The Dictionary.com definitions of the verb, win, are “to finish first in a race, contest, or the like” and “to succeed by striving or effort”. The Youniqorn definition of the term, win, is “to take intentional action consistently in order to build the person who will realize all your dreams”.

The Diciotnary.com definition of life is “the animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual”. The Youniqorn definition of life is “whatever you choose to make of your existence”.

Your life is not a race, contest, or competition, so you are not racing, contesting or competing with or against anybody but the person you want to become.The following is a checklist. For you. Tick them all off, and you will win at life. Simple. Let’s go.

✅ You’re not always right. You’re not always the best. You’re not always the smartest. You’re not always number one. And you don’t need to be to win. Remember that.

✅ Practice active happiness and gratitude. 

Build winner’s habits. 

✅ Be consistent. 

✅ Always plan to be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. 

✅ Ask (questions, for help, for favors, etc.) 

✅ Learn, unlearn and relearn incessantly. 

✅ Laugh. Even (and especially) when you don’t feel like it. 

✅ Learn to say no and be not just okay, but happy with that. 

✅ Be with and around the right people. At all times. 

✅ Feed your imagination like it’s a glutton. 

✅ Create. Produce. Make. Do

✅ Take action. Do it again. And again. Repetition makes a habit. A habit makes you.

✅ Document. Log. Write it down. So you don’t forget.

✅ Learn from mistakes and misfortunes—both yours and others’.

✅ Do NOT repeat mistakes and poor choices.

✅ Learn to be assertive and practice it.

✅ Learn to be vulnerable and when to practice it.

✅ Practice balance and equilibrium.

✅ Grow from every experience: good, bad, neutral.

✅ Exercise your body to strengthen your mind. Be good to your body now and it will be good to you down the line.

✅ Value your health and place it above all else always (physical, mental, emotional). Without your health and well-being, you have nothing.

✅ Put yourself first.

✅ Learn to and practice having an open mind.

✅ Broaden your horizons and expose yourself to more than you currently know.

✅ Learn how to empathize, sympathize and the difference between the two and practice both.

✅ Learn and be aware of who you are now and who you want to be a year from now.

✅ Plan for success, failure, highs, lows and everything in between.

Expect failure and use it to your advantage.

✅ Know when to quit/give up/let it go. It’s not losing. It’s smart.

✅ Learn to be in touch with yourself and your emotions and intuition (trust your gut). Develop your intuition by listening to it and actively choosing not to ignore it.

✅ Go to therapy. Talk to someone about your problems so you can heal and grow from your pain.

✅ Learn how to manage ALL your resources (time, energy (physical, mental, emotional), money, nourishment) to your benefit.

✅ Live comfortably below your means but don’t be stingy to yourself.

✅ Learn to be a good judge of character and read/discern people’s energy. Not everyone who smiles in your face has your best interest in their heart. This goes hand-in-hand with developing your intuition. Do Not ignore red flags, even if they are initially only a pale pink.

✅ Invest in yourself, your body, and your mind. Financially, emotionally, physically, mentally.

✅ Do what you really want and live for yourself. You only get one (Spidey voice).

✅ Adopt a winner’s mindset.

✅ Have fun. Seriously.

*Take a shot every time you see “Learn” :-P. Seriously, though, study this blog, use the resources curated for your personal growth and watch yourself become the superstar of your life! If you’d like a constant reminder, get this checklist poster in cute and colorful designs from your printables library as part of your STAR+er membership.



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