How To Become a YOUNIQORN
Building Yourself Into the Person Who Will Realize All Your Dreams.
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The term Youniqorn is an infusion of the words You, Unique and, well, Unicorn 😎 .

This is a term to describe you. More specifically, the person of your dreams. The person you want to become. That unique individual. That identity. That culmination of identities. This blog is a powerful resource to allow you to do just that. Basically, “Self-Improvement To Become Who Your Dreams Are Made Of.”

You are a Youniqorn in the making, and studying each of the following 53 posts (plus a bonus 6), structured to be read one per week over the course of a year, will all but guarantee you improve mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, sensually, sexually, and romantically. This is a safe space for self-improvement, positive habits, and happiness. I hope you choose all three for yourself.

  1. How To Turn Your Hobby Into Your Hustle

  2. How To Manage Your Money: Learn Common Cents

  3. The Subtle Art of Becoming Yourself

  4. How To Be Extraordinary

  5. The Top 10 Habits of Wildly Successful People

  6. How To Be the Superstar of Your Own Show

  7. How To Grow Your Fantasy Hair Naturally: The Quest for A Youniqorn’s Mane

  8. How To Skyrocket Your Net Worth

  9. How To Get Everything You Want This Year

  10. How To Be Productive. Consistently.

  11. How To Stop Chasing Your Dreams and Start Living Them

  12. How To Have a Happy Home

  13. How To Eat Like a Horse and Look Like a Stallion

  14. How To Win at Life

  15. How To Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Time

  16. How To Have Healthy, Happy, Heart-Felt Relationships

  17. How To Laugh Your Way to the Bank…Literally!

  18. Why You Need To Be Well-Rounded and How To Do It

  19. How To Wield The Three Es of Pretty Power

  20. How To Learn Anything

  21. Top Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life (By Changing You)

  22. How To Meal Prep So You Can Eat Well and Save Time (To Do Other Awesome Stuff)

  23. Must-Watch Anime That Will Make You Laugh Your Ass Off, Cry Your Heart Out, and Feel Everything Under the Sun

  24. How To Always Looks, Feel and Be So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

  25. Top 10 Ingredients, Products, and Tools for Coily Natural Hair

  26. How To Cook Food Like a Pro

  27. Timeless Quotes That Will Make You Feel Seen, Encouraged, and Inspired

  28. How To Get Glowing, Out-Of-This-Galaxy Skin

  29. How To Get Eye-Catching Lashes and Brows

  30. Why You Need Non-Human Companionship*

  31. Top 10 Botanical Oils and Butters for Heavenly Hair, Stunning Skin and Nooooiiiiice Nails*

  32. Best Fiction Books That Will Rock Your World (And Then Do It All Over Again)*

  33. How To Be Happy*

  34. Why Kings and Queens Had Jesters*

  35. 101 Easy Recipes To Tickle (and Twinkle) Your Taste Buds*

  36. How To Get A Banging, Bodacious Bod!*

  37. Why You Should Travel More (and How To Do It Easily)*

  38. Me, Myself and My Many Faces: How To Identify In a World That Idendefies*

  39. Why Goals Make Pigeons and Habits Make Eagles*

  40. Cry Me A Rainbow: How To Positively Cope (With Pain, Anger, Frustration, Sadness, and Other Negative Emotions)*

  41. How To Look (and Feel) Beautiful*

  42. How To Turn Your Place Into Your Palace*

  43. How To Successfully Navigate Romance, Dating, and Sex as a Youniqorn*

  44. The Youniqorn’s Guide To The Galaxy*

  45. 53 Ways To Make Money Online Over 53 Weeks*

  46. How To Stop Biting, Bending and Breaking Your Fingernails*

  47. How To Up Your Emotional, Sensual and Mental Appeal*

  48. How To Heal Your Trauma*

  49. LOL Smiley Face: How To Wield Your Ultimate Power*

  50. How To Ground Yourself So You Can Fly High*

  51. How To Trust Your Gut—and Build It, Too*

  52. How To Turn Your Happy Into Your Hobby*

  53. How To Clean—and Keep It That Way*

  54. How To Turn Pain Points Into Power Points*

  55. When Feathers Make Peacocks: How To Forge Fantastic Friendships*

  56. How Many Frogs Do You Really Need To Kiss (Before Charming Shows His Pretty Head)?*

  57. How To F*ck: The Youniqorn’s Sex Bible (Riding Off Into the Sunrise)*

  58. The Stuff Brainbows Are Made Of: The Makings of a Youniqorn’s Mind*

  59. How To DIY Anything (And Why You Should)*

*Coming soon

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